This is my demo reel created during the summer of 2011. Work in the reel includes projects done individually, collaboratively or with a design agency.

Role: Designer, Developer, Animator

NFL Play Action is an interactive presentation application created for NFL Network’s live, televised broadcasts. Running on a server just off-camera, and displayed on a 60-inch touchscreen monitor, NFL Play Action provides the network’s on-air analysts with a powerful tool to compare and contrast players and teams.

The entire experience is powered by openFrameworks.

Role: Creative Developer, Animator

Visitors to Times Square are shown live on one of Clear Channel’s massive HD screens, thanks to an HD camera placed nearby. They are then introduced to the Painted Lady (reality star and international model, Sabina Kelly), and the Strong Man (Hollywood stuntman, Robert Miller), and are prompted to vote via Twitter for who they want to see take the plunge into the water below. The winner (or loser, depending on how you look at it) now succumbs to the crowd, who then work together to slap a virtual beach ball into the target, sending the victim into the water.

The entire experience is powered by openFrameworks.

Role: Motion Graphics Designer, Creative Developer

Valene del Rosario is a Hair and make-up stylist. She has work for high profile photo shoots and music videos. She wanted as minimal amount of text as possible to showcase her work. This proved to be quite a challenge as she was unable to provide hi-resolution imagery for most of her work. To compensate for that, I designed her website to act as a rolling gallery that still focuses on her work even with low-resolution photos.

Role: Visual & Interaction Designer

Piqqle is a comprehensive career matching engine pairing proper talent to the best career opportunities. Piqqle is an internet start-up born from the effects of the great recession. Today, it isn't enough to just have an idea. It's not even enough to have developers/engineers to build that idea. You need designers to craft the experience and visual aesthetic. I came in and gave piqqle a visual identity. I also designed the user experience to make the use of the product as delightful and productive for the users as possible.

Role: Visual & Experience Designer

I developed a custom iPad app that acted as an interactive window sticker at major auto shows across the country. The app empowers users to access a wealth of product information about the vehicle they are standing next to, customize the vehicle and see the price of the vehicle they just configured, and get in touch with a Honda dealer in their neighborhood.

Role: Motion Graphics Designer, iOS Developer

To help showcase the campaign idea of breaking convention, I(at JUXT) created a completely unique iPad experience, providing product information, videos, a 360°-view gallery featuring 84 HD images, and editorial content. Bucking the tradition of application-styled interfaces and buttons, we created a finely-crafted, unconventional iPad experience.

Role: Motion Graphics Designer, iOS Developer

I(at JUXT) created an engaging dual-screen, interactive experience that allowed users to easily navigate topics of interest through simple touch. The lower control screen triggered information and HD video content, which played in the large upper display screen.

Role: Software Architect, Flash Developer

I learn by doing. I never stop learning and I don’t want to stop learning. There are so many technologies out there in the world why would I not want to experiment, research and play with these technologies?

Role: Designer, Developer, Animator

The site featured music by other up-and-coming artists highlighted in the Sprite Spark Music Mixer Facebook app, as well as details on how to get involved in the Under the Cap program, which offers free mobile content to customers who purchase a 20-ounce Sprite and text in the cap code. Visitors to the site can also watch current TV commercials in the Sprite Screening Room. was entirely built in Adobe Flash.

Role: Flash Developer, Flash Animator

Taking advantage of the unique two-story structure in the Toyota Booth at the 2011 LA Auto Show, we created an entertaining, personalized experience. The audience was lead through a physical maze via a series of iPads, each of which offered the audience a series of questions in a lighthearted and creative way. The answers the audience gave us allowed us to narrow down and suggest the right Prius for each participant.

Role: Software Architect

Cisco: GSX is a unique global hybrid event that combined the reach, measurability and interactive possibilities of a virtual online environment with the intimacy and engagement of physical face-to-face gatherings. The entire experience is fueled with a fun, competitive platform that rewarded attendees for participating.

Role: Flash Animator, Flash Developer

These were print designs completed in 2011. These projects were either created individually for fun or commissioned by agencies.

Role: Graphic Designer